Foray into the Blogging World

After tossing around the idea for a few months, our local writing group has decided to make its foray into the blogging community. We’ve got tons of ideas and plenty to say, but we want to make sure that what we’re saying is well-written and that someone will want to read it! We know that the blogging community has volumes to say that will help us improve our craft.

 You know what I’m talking about, right? We don’t want to overdo it with adverbs, and we certainly want to get our dialogue crisp and fresh…and yet realistic too. We don’t want to use too many gerunds, and we want to avoid passive voice whenver possible. We want to be grammatically correct, and we want to spell our words correctly. And speaking of words, we want to use variety in our linguistic choices, and yet we don’t want to use a highfalutin word when a more commonly used one would be better. As Stephen King advised, say tip and not emolument.

Different in age, appearance, and profession, we all have one thing in common: We enjoy writing! Some of us write poetry while others write fiction. Some of us write short stories while others are working on books. Still others are more comfortable with facts and stick primarily with nonfiction. Whatever our background and platform, we all need the encouragement, advice, and support of other writers. Thus, we belong to a writing group that meets monthly to discuss and critique each others’ work.

Begun by Kathryn and Lauren, our group is affiliated with the South Carolina Writers Workshop that was established in 1990. SCWW is a “ literary arts organization serving both new and established writers. Nearly every type of writing is represented from poetry to mainstream novels to short stories to non-fiction. SCWW offers a supportive environment for people to become better writers. SCWW membership is open to all writers, providing a wide range of opportunities to improve one’s writing, network with others, and gain practical “How To” information about getting published.”

This blog’s purpose is to further support the purposes of SCWW and to give our local members a forum to present ideas, projects, and posts about the writing world. We’ll also be including information about contests, interesting blogs, and upcoming events. With the world becoming increasingly connected, we know that an online presence is important.


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